handpicked Indian teas
Wellness in a Whole New Light.

VAHDAM® India started with a young man’s pursuit to make his country’s native wellness wisdom accessible to the entire world, through an honest and ethical route.

His purpose was to redefine the way the world experiences tea and other native Indian foods.

A Dream to Empower Millions.

India accounts for a majority of the tea being produced in the world. This industry relies on bulk exports to globally acclaimed tea brands which continue to grow while farmers in India work tirelessly for low wages and an uncertain future.

For a home-grown brand like VAHDAM® India, farmers are the priority. The brand eliminates unnecessary middlemen and are loyal to partnering estates. This ensures that all the earnings are retained in these regions and each farmer gets a better price and is empowered to take a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

a brighter future
Farmers are Family.

Every time you purchase a VAHDAM® India product, 1% of the revenue goes towards the education of our farmers’ children.

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