B Corp Month: Celebrating Environmental & Social Sustainability


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March is B Corp Month. This March, we choose to amplify the B Corp #WeGoBeyond campaign which showcases the many ways B Corps have chosen to pursue a more impactful path, going above and beyond for all people and the planet.  

What is B Corp?

B Corp is short for B Corporation. B Corporations are companies that meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

In 2006 the non-profit B Lab and their movement began. B Lab’s core movement is based around collective action to address society’s critical challenges via economic change: the environment, social responsibility, and stakeholder-driven governance. B Lab became most well known for certifying B Corporations.

STORIES curates a selection of brands that are leaders in their categories: Innovation, Quality, Sustainability. Often these categories overlap – especially in the case of quality leading to sustainability as a result of product longevity. Products that last longer, and are repairable, have a better long-term environmental impact than their counterparts.

This B Corp Month, we would like to showcase our own selection of brands’ environmental and social initiatives. While not all of them are officially B Corp, these brands are involved in a variety of impressive social and environmental initiatives. We support our brands and the ways they Go Beyond.

Brand Sustainability Highlights:


Certified B Corp. https://secrid.com/en-global/stories/b-corp/

Secrid’s environmental stewardship is based on several years of impact analyses, resulting in a holistic approach including prevention, measurement, compensation, and reduction.  
Supply Chain Impact: By producing as locally as possible, transport distances are minimized and environmental impact is reduced.  

The supply chain incorporates social enterprises, offering employment opportunities while ensuring social responsibility is taken into account.  

Read more here: https://secrid.com/en-global/sustainability/



Climate Neutral Certified. 

Reduces their impact on the environment by measuring, reducing, and offsetting carbon emissions.

Incorporates LWG certified leather and recycled fabric materials in new products

Produces 80% of packaging from recycled materials

Reduced carbon emissions by reducing air freight shipments company-wide by 40%

Read more here: https://www.orbitkey.com/blogs/news/a-big-step-towards-sustainability



The high quality yarns and production result in products with a long lifespan, achieving sustainability through longevity.

TerraStrand yarns contain 18% or more renewable vegetable content and replace petroleum with plant compunts, resulting in a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to traditional plasticizers.

TerraStrand yarns are environmentally safe: tested and certified by the Green Label Plus™ and GreenGuard® programs for low VOC emissions, and they can be found in healthcare settings that include major hospitals.

Eco-friendly: free of phthalates and heavy metals; textiles can be cleaned with water and biodegradable detergents

Working to reduce carbon impact of transportation in supply chain.

Read more here: https://www.chilewich.com/store/sustainability



Performed a comprehensive carbon audit, leading to an ambitious goal: to halve IZIPIZI’s carbon footprint by the end of 2023

Increasing use of biosourced materials: aiming for 30% of their glasses to be produced from biobased materials by the end of 2023.

Takes steps to take care of staff and increase their wellbeing, putting people first.

Ongoing work with charities, including the Union pour l’Enfance association in France, which works to protect children from harm, notably by supporting parents. 

Read more here: https://www.stories-by-swissbo.com/pages/izipizi-sustainability



The company was built around sustainable giving at its core: providing a sustainable stream of giving without relying on fundraising.

Each doll sold provides 10 meals to children in need through partnerships with humanitarian agencies like Breakfast Club of Canada, World Food Program USA, and Children’s Hunger Fund.

To date, cuddle+kind have donated over 25 million meals in 64 countries, including Canada.

The dolls are ethically produced by artisans in Peru and Nepal, employing over 1000 artisans with fair trade wages and flexible working hours.

Cuddle+Kind dolls are heirloom quality, produced from high quality cotton. High quality materials and craftsmanship lead to sustainability through longevity.

Read more here: https://ca.cuddleandkind.com/pages/1-doll-10-meals



Actively seeking ways to reduce carbon emissions via production methods and transitioning to renewable energy sources.

Increasing use of recycled materials in production

On a journey to reduce single-use plastics in their packaging, opting for more sustainable alternatives.

Supports ethical and fair labour practices.

High quality Blunt umbrellas are set apart by their innovative design and engineering. Built to last, and fully repairable, they lead to reduced waste due to their long lifecycle.

Read more here: https://www.stories-by-swissbo.com/pages/blunt-sustainability

As B Lab says, “there’s no Planet B.” Making positive impactful changes for our beloved planet is the only way forward. With an overwhelming amount of information to process, it’s challenging for end consumers to be expected to hold the burden of all environmental changes. That’s why we built our store with purpose, curate a selection of sustainable brands, and support companies making strides towards positive environmental and social impacts. It is up to businesses to drive environmental and social change. 

Learn more about B Corp Month here: https://www.bcorpmonth.com/

Sustainability Matters

“Sustainability matters” is one of our core values at STORIES By SWISSBO. Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with Quality and Innovation. Quality products have longer life cycles, thereby reducing waste. Items that last longer due to quality design and craftsmanship, and items that are repairable, are more sustainable than items with short life cycles that need to be replaced often.

When we think about the environment, it is also important to think about people. We promote stewardship not just of the earth, but also its people. Social enterprises, positive working conditions, and giving back to programs that make an impact on people’s lives are also among the core values of the brands we carry.

STORIES By SWISSBO is committed to five United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs):

#2 Zero Hunger

#3 Good Health & Well-being

#4 Quality Education

#5 Gender Equality

#12 Responsible Consumption & Production

You can read more about our approach to UNSDGs and sustainability here: https://www.stories-by-swissbo.com/pages/sustainability

What brands and sustainability programs are you most passionate about? Feel free to contact us and let us know. We always love to hear your stories.

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