Beautiful Umbreallas and Built to Last

Performance in strength comes from simplicity in design. We use materials smarter by exploiting their mechanical property potential, making every component do at least two jobs. Not only does this give extra strength to the umbrella, but also ensures it aligns with our goal of making the ordinary extraordinary.

Iconic Style A Blunt™ umbrella is as much a fashion accessory as a high-performing product. With our unique patented style, shape, and pop of color, you will always stand out no matter the weather, turning heads while keeping yours dry.


Elegantly designed, compact umbrella that is perfect for urban dwellers who value convenience and ease of travel. Its collapsible design makes it a practical choice for everyday use, while its sleek and stylish look makes it a fashionable accessory.


Full-length weatherproof umbrella that seamlessly blends traditional design with modern functionality. Its re-imagined design is perfect for those who appreciate the style and experience of good design, making it a fashionable and practical accessory for all weather conditions.


Extra-large weatherproof umbrella for business professionals and anyone who wants to keep themselves and others dry. It's the largest full-length street umbrella in the Blunt™ range and can easily fit at least two people.


Voted the #1 Golf Umbrella for maximum coverage. Its strength and durability make it the perfect choice for golfers, sideline coaches, and outdoor enthusiasts. With its matching carry sleeve, you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Don't let the weather ruin your game

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