Sustainability Matters.

STORIES By SWISSBO only supports Brands that take real action when it comes to Sustainability.

We're looking for more than green-washing from the brands we support; we look for visible initiatives that demonstrate a real-world commitment to making things better- for people and for the planet.

To this end, we shed light on the steps each of our supported Brands are taking to make their businesses more responsible for the impacts they have.


Chilewich textiles are renowned for their beauty and practicality, combining original designs and distinctive colours with extraordinary durability and easy maintenance.

They’re also the product of 20 years of continuous innovation to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact.



Secrid believes that, instead of consistently ‘cheaper and worse’, new products should be developed which are intrinsically better, more sustainable and more valuable than products that came before.
This requires extra attention from designers, who must reinforce the advantages of these products and eliminate the disadvantages.



IZIPIZI aims to reduce its carbon footprint by one half in the very near future.To meet this challenge, a Carbon Audit was performed to identify areas in which the company can take action to improve the environmental impact of the business.



Sustainability is one cuddle+Kind's core business values Because it aligns with their mission to create ethically-made, high-quality products while minimizing their impact on the environment and supporting fair labor practices.


Global Goals.

STORIES By SWISSBO only supports Brands that take real action when it comes to Sustainability. STORIES focuses specifically on these United Nations SDG (Sustainable Development Goals):

# 2 Zero Hunger

#3 Good Health & Well-being

#4 Quality Education

#5 Gender Equality

#8 Decent Work and
Economic growth

#12 Responsible Consumption & Production

Each of the brands we carry are invested in efforts that support sustainable development.

STORIES By SWISSBO is proud to collaborate with PALS Adults Services Society (PASS), BC’s leader in supporting adults with autism. PASS provides an innovative daily program and independent housing for adults with autism spectrum disorder, as well as employment training and opportunities through social enterprise.

PASS is fully integrated into our workflows, providing employment opportunities and life skills for adults with autism spectrum disorder. Working with PASS helps champion UN SDGs, specifically: #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, #8 Decent Work & Economic Growth, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production.