Secrid believes that, instead of ‘cheaper and worse’, new products have to be developed which are intrinsically ‘better, more sustainable and more valuable’than products that came before. This requires extra attention from designers, who must reinforce the advantages of these products and eliminate the disadvantages.


Marianne and René, founders of Secrid – have been working as designers of industrial products in both fashion and technology since 1985. Over the past 35 years, they have experienced how this creative field has become more fleeting.

Speed and originality seem to have gradually become more important than thorough improvements. In addition, through mass production in emerging nations, the Western world has unanimously opted for low prices that are linked to low standards in the areas of labour law, the environment and quality.

The development of a new product is a complex process, often involving thousands of choices, and good guidelines for these choices are lacking.

Producing locally

Doing the right thing doesn’t just mean designing good products. It also means manufacturing these products the right way.

From raw materials to final product, the supply chain is where the product comes to life. In addition to designing products that last a long time, Secrid also ties to produce those products as locally as possible.

Product Care & Repair

Making sure products last a long time does not stop the moment the products are displayed in a store.

Apart from products being designed for a long lifespan, they should also be easy to maintain and, if needed, able to be repaired. By repairing your products instead of replacing them, we reduce our impact on the environment. The demand for new products decreases, which reduces the amount of waste produced.

Carbon offsetting

Companies play an important role in changing their industry, in order to make the world a better place, little by little.

Secrid has been conducting impact analyses for several years in order to provide insight into the environmental footprint of the company, its supply chain and products. Based on this information, the brand then developed a plan to take responsibility for our impact. This plan is based on the principles of prevention, measurement, compensation and reduction.

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